Friday, July 18, 2008

Spoiled Birthday Diva

So as you can see I got some more really cool birthday cards and I had to share them with you. The birthday bella is from Cathy and she also sent me some cupcake little note pads and some little embellishments that look like a lot of fun. The balloonabella is from Kristie and I must know what the paper is. It's so pretty and last but not least my dear dear dear missing in action friend Angie made me a hippo. A hippo with a big butt LOLLLLLLLL. Isn't it just too cute. I think it's Gina K which means I need to borrow this from her. :) Thank you all for thinking of me I really feel so uplifted to know I have so many friends out there!


Danni said...

Great cards! It's good you were spoiled with so many great cards!!
Love the hippo one.....too cute!

Catherine said...

cute cards, belated happy bday and thank you so much for such a sweet comment that you left on my blog =)