Monday, July 21, 2008

Lip Gloss Baby

I just wanted to share this really cute RAK I received from Linda on the CTRUS group I'm on. I lovvvvvve this stamp for a number of reasons mainly because she's retro and because she's not super skinny! Don't get my wrong I love my bellas but it's nice to have realistic stamps isn't it? This card is a lip gloss holder with a tiny little mirror on the inside. It's sort of a very shiny cardstock but I assure you I can put lipgloss on using it. Which by the way I love lipgloss! My favorite is this minty stuff from Bath and Body works. My cubicle neighbor at work got us all hooked on it LOL. She's an enabler too!


Danni said...

Cute card. I have that stamp, it's a TAC Limited Editon. I always like her because she's more "real".

Theresa said...

that is adorable....i learn something new about you everytime i read your blog...isnt lip gloss fun, i cant wait for Kailyn to want to put on LIPS! heeeheee! her mother will kill me for buying her lipgloss (thats probly why it is sooo fun!)

Angela said...

Very cute card! I have that stamp set just so you know. :) And you know the majority of it isnt even cut apart and I might have just used it once. :)