Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon

This card was a little difficult for me because I had to follow a layout and of course my dear friend Angie (who is MIA these days) allowed me to borrow her star punches since I don't own any :) but anyway, this was a sketch challenge for the Diva group and I was able to use one of the many images I received during my Image Queen Reign last month. It's so cute isn't it? It's from Danni so I'm sure it's a TAC image. I love cows and always have. We had some on my grandparents farm but they were Angus and they were solid black all over but I loved petting them and watching them out in the fields. I hated when they went to "sale". But then we would get new babies and that was always fun too.


Danni said...

Love this!! I think you did a great job with the sketch.
Love the stars.
And yes, TAC. LOL!

Angela said...

I am not MIA. I am around. Just NO mojo lately. Actually forever. It took all I had in me to make 3 birthday cards over the weekend. :)

deb said...

You did fantastic on this card, they layout is awesome and I love that stamp!! Tooo Cute!!