Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Release day!!!!!! 062509

Oh man do I love new releases. You won't believe how many this time around either! Here are just a few that I made and I hope you enjoy them. Please check out the blog tomorrow after 11am and let me know which one is your favorite.

Update on the house 062409

Thank goodness the fans and dehumidifiers are gone!!!! They will be back next week to go over the duct work in the basement and decide on painting the ceilings..........which they better because they all have nice yellow stains! WOW who knew a toilet could cause so much trouble!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

House Update Tuesday

Tommorrow night cannot get here soon enough. The restoration company is supposed to come back and check the ceilings and floors to ensure the water is dried up. The noise level in here is very similar to standing on the runway at the Chicago Ohare Airport. We have a dehumidifier the size of a fridge on each level of the house and industrial size fans as well. My kitchen alone has two so no matter where you can you can't hear yourself think LOL. I am behind on finishing my MSB projects for tomorrow because I cannot even focus let alone think right now. Maybe we will get lucky and they will come early tomorrow to check. I'm really hoping it's ok and that they can take out this equipment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Template Tuesday 062309

Due to the water in my house I won't be particpating in Template Tuesday this week but I wanted you to see this awesome sketch from Melinda. Please make sure you check out the other TT girls blogs!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Flooded Celings Update

Well the water is soaked up but the celings between the second and first floor are really wet as well as the ceiling in the basement. Our light fixtures were just raining water it was so weird. The insurance company was out and are sending a contractor over later today to see what to do with the wet ceilings. What a freaking nightmare. Anyway due to my house issues I won't be particpating in Template Tuesday this week. I just can't fit it all in. I will be posting the sketch tomorrow so you can all take a look at it and hopefully play along. It's a great one and I know you will enjoy it. Hope you are all having a better Monday than we are hahahaha.

Monday Madness 062209

Well considering it's 827am we have had quite a morning. First off my son had drivers ed at 8am. At 715am he ran around the house yelling because he couldn't find his wallet which held his permit that he needed to take to class. Yes somehow this was my fault. Go figure. Then as that is happening his best friend Nick who is also in the class with him and stayed at our house last night....says Ami why is there water all over the bathroom upstairs? I run up the stairs and my bathroom is completely flooded, pouring water into the hallway.......then I hear my son who is on the first floor still looking for his wallet start yelling "MOMMMMMMMMMMMM water is coming out of the ceiling".............holy crap it's been a bad morning.

Now at this point my hubby who is in the shower and running late for work is freaked out because I ran in to our bathroom saying get out get out there is water all over. LOL. Poor guy! I leave him to suck it up with our shop vac, take both boys (yes he found his wallet) and run off to drivers ed. Now I'm home and staring at a huge mess. Can someone say please Monday be over soon?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

DT Challenge MSB 062009

I don't know how you all feel about the 4th of July but I LOVE fireworks. Unfortunately my daughter HATES them as much as I love them. Once in a great while I get to see them but not as much as I'd like. I had a lot of fun this week for our DT challenge. It's a sketch challenge so make sure you check the MSB blog today and see all the cards the Sugars came up with!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pleeze can someone splain dis to me? Seriously my son and I got home after running errands to find this. My cat ate her way through a bag I think. LOL. Actually I'm very thankful we weren't gone long and we got the bag off of her, it was pretty tight. I cannot imagine what she was up too while we were gone.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Template Tuesday 061609

This week was my week to create a sketch and I had a hard time coming up with something and not using circles LOL. I finally made this and I don't think it came out too bad :) I also get the honor of posting Julia's card this week. She is another player on our team but hasn't created a blog yet. Her's is so cute and it makes me want to go to the corner candy store. I created a baby card for some friends who just had a beautiful baby boy who will be spoiled rotten by his four older sisters. Make sure you check the other TT girls blogs!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MSB Happy 4th of July! 061109

WOWWWW there have been some changes to release dates on MSB. Today is release day! Make sure you check after 11am for the new releases. You're going to luv them. Here are a few cards I made up with some of the images. I tried to make them similar because I'm giving them away as a set along with some other goodies just for an RAK. Respond back no later than Sunday June 14th FLAG DAY and let me know your number one favorite new release image and you'll be entered to win a stash of goodies. :)

Apologies - Template Tuesday

Can someone please tell me how it became Wednesday and I totally skipped Template Tuesday? Sorrrrry! I'll do my best to get it posted shortly. This week is the week before finals for me and I have tests in three of my four classes tomorrow. AUGH! Anyway my apologies!

Monday, June 8, 2009

June Bride

I'm not sure but I had this scheduled to post on Saturday and I didn't realize that it didn't post so my apologies. I love her and our challenge was something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. The old is my white cardstock, the new is the digi image and the ribbon was given to me and the blue is the of course the other cardstock. I am loving the new releases from MSB don't you?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

8th grade graduation

Well my son is off to high school now. His school had an 8th grade graduation ceremony and a semiformal dance Friday night. It was a very nice event and I think all the kids enjoyed it a lot. PS - I probably only got one or two photos minus the shades LOLLLLL.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

June Weddings 060409

Don't you just love a summer wedding? Well MSB sure came out with a pretty Bride. Here is a tiny peek at how I colored her dress. I used the White Copic and gave her dress a tint and then used the wonderful shimmer from MSB to add a hint of sparkle. Stay tuned for Saturday release! Enjoy the rest of your week.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Template Tuesday 060209

I apologize for this being posted so late today but hey it's still Tuesday :) I have had a ton of school work and kids stuff. This week our fun sketch comes from Angie and it's such an easy one but it really makes a nice card for any occasion. I hope you'll check out the other girls blogs and also play along. If you choose to make a card using this sketch please let me know where to find it! Enjoy!