Monday, July 28, 2008

Christmas In July

Did I mention I hate Christmas in July? I've always hated that concept/idea but I can't say that I have any paticular reason why LOL. Deb from our SCCB yahoo group challenged us to make a Christmas Card to get our ideas rolling. Do you have any idea how difficult this was for me? It's been so hot and rainy around here that it was hard to get into the sprit of things and then one day I found my retro Christmas paper.........then the lights went off and I saw a great sketch and next thing I know the card was done. I will give credit to my son for picking out the stamp, seriously I couldn't even decide what stamp to use so I told him to open my Christmas drawer and just pick one he liked. I'd say he chose pretty well. A nice sleigh ride in July would be nice! DEB - thanks for making us do this :) I found that I do like Christmas in July!

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