Friday, December 19, 2008

Ice Storm

WOW it's been quite a day. We have had a very bad ice storm and had no electricity for the past 12 hours. Right after we made a hotel arrangement for tonight our neighbor called my cell phone and said it came back on. Doesn't that just crack you up? Seriously we had our bags in the van, the dogs loaded and on our way to the last hotel room in town and they called LOL. Well hey I saved my money this way and I'm thankful to be home in my own house. I took these photos of our yard this morning. We had planted new trees this year and I'm not really sure they are going to make it now. I can only hope for spring to help them out. Our poor bird feeders looked like they were going to fall over with the weight of the ice but they are still haning tough. Last but not least a BIG THANK YOU TO CASSIE who sent me the link to add snow to my blog. Isn't it so cool? I just love it. It was a fun surprise to open my email and find that! :) I hope you all are having better weather where you are.


Susan said...

We went through that last week and now we're in snow! Glad you got your power back. Hang in there and be careful. Ice is horrible to get through.

Kimmie0270 said...

The snow on your blog is way cool! We're iunundated with it around here too... grrr. All my plans for today were cancelled as a result of yesterday.

Cassie said...

WOW! I've got to look up where you are in NM exactly. I love the look of ice encrusted trees but it's so sad when it's really thick and they get droopy like that. Maybe the fact that they are young will help them survive. you've probably thawed out by now; i think we might get snow at the end of this weekend.
love the snow on your blog and was happy to help out!