Sunday, December 7, 2008


Sunday is a day for families. We spend a lot of time together through the week but Sunday we all sort of hunker down at home together. Because of that today I thought I'd share some of our recent family snapshots I took. My camera was not adjusting right that day so please bear with me. The first one is of my dh outside hanging my retro Santa and reindeer....he came up with that idea and they look like they are flying through the porch.....I love it! My DS put up a tree in our dining room so he could have colored lights in the house and people can see a tree from the street this way LOL. My DD is sitting in front of the tree in our family room and yep she missed out on all the decorating fun that day and still hasn't let me forget it. :) Whatever you and your family do today I hope you get a chance to do it together!


Danni said...

The kids and Sam are putting up our tree right now. I just love days where we stay home and hang out as a family!

Janna said...

What a great family tradition!! Thanks for sharing these great pics!!



the whimsical butterfly said...

Very cute family pics! Thanks for sharing w/ us!

Susan said...

Great times spending time together with your family. Love it!