Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Altered Frame

Our challenge this week for the PinkPaperyStudios DT was to create a handmade gift for someone. I have to admit this was hard for me because while I love to give cards that I make I'm always worried over anything else I create. You know the old "is it good enough" thing LOL. So I usually don't make gifts for people, and when this challenge came up I thought "uh oh now what".............well after going to the trusty SCS Tutorials I decided this altered frame would be something I'd like to try. I'd seen other people do it and it always looked very pretty and I had high hopes I would be able to pull it off. Let me first say applying Modge Podge evenly and getting no bubbles on your paper is harder than it seems :) I was not thrilled with a couple spots but I tried to cover them hahahahahha. Anyway this is a family photo that was taken on Thanksgiving at my sisters house. Oh my gosh we had fun taking this. After a few shots we gave up and started making funny faces. I think I love those the best. Hope you are having a great Hump Day!

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Danni said...

You did a great job!! Good job on trying something new!

Meli Mitchell said...

I know what you mean about always worrying if what you create is going to be good enough. I look at some of the things that I gave away when I first started stamping/crafting and I shudder. The poor family members who got my creations and bless them for being so nice and saying it was good! LOL.

But anyway, your picture is great, really. I wouldn't lie. I really like the colors and I think you did a great job.

the whimsical butterfly said...

This is just gorgeous. I LOVE altered frames...beautiful!

Kimmie0270 said...

very cute - a great gift imo!

Janna said...

This is such a great idea and beautifully executed!!! Wonderful job!!



Angela said...

Very cute frame!! I always worry if my stuff is good enough!