Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

I don't know about you but I'm tired of boring cold icy weather. Please send me some snow. At least it's pretty too look at! Ok maybe you can wait until Sunday to send it then most of my family will be heading back down to Texas and Florida. I think they are all pretty miserable thinking they are freezzzzingggg to death. LOL. I met my step mother Celia at the airport today with my fake fur coat so she'd be warm enough. I personally am ok with winter, don't love it but I'm ok with it. I think this image from PPS is one of my favorite winter ones. I think she's dressed for the weather don't you? Our challenge for today was to use up some scrap paper and I have tons of that. Speaking of scraps does anyone have a favorite way to store it???? Ugh. The really cool flower, snowflake and button all were in my box from Tricia and wow are they pretty. I enjoyed being able to relax and make this card this week. I hope you all have a very happy and safe New Year!


Danni said...

I'll take some snow. It's so weird living where there isn't any, or rarely any.
Love your card, especially the flower!

Loreen said...

Great card =) I store my scraps in a filing folder by color. It keeps it somewhat organized. I also make sure that I use every single last piece of scrap by either punching it out into a shape or running it through the cuttlebug bc I really hate to waste anything lol. Still keeping you in my prayers. Happy NYE.

Susan said...

How cute is this card! I'm with you in wantig sonething other than just this icy cold stuff, but I'm trying to be careful for what I wish for! Love the colors and she's just adorable! And that big flower looks like a huge snowflake! Love it.

Marcia said...

Love this card!

Scraps? Baggies - by color!