Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wed Funny

Last week I posted a photo of my oldest cat Morgan and my daughter Andrea. Well going through photos the other day I found this photo of Morgan and my daughter Andrea. Side by side we just couldn't believe how big they've both gotten :) Andrea was just 2 years old when Morgan came along and now she's 10 and Morgan will be 8 this July. When we first got Morgan we were not expecting to have any cats but a friend of mine had gone to KY for work with her husband. While they were there they noticed a neighbor down the road from where they were staying was using a bow and arrow and chasing something. Turns out it was this kitten and she got the kitten away from them and brought her home to IN. Well her kids all have severe allergies but the loved Morgan and wanted to keep her. After a few days they knew it would not work and I was the one who said yes. Morgan has been a big part of our lives for a long time now and we are lucky to have her. We also have two other cats Oliver and Emily and two dogs Lilly and Sam. More on the animal brood to come.

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