Monday, April 21, 2008

Favorite Flower

I love Tiger Lillies and when I saw these outside the store yesterday I had to stop and take a photo. My new cameraphone doesn't do too bad does it? They were just so pretty after being watered and sitting in the sun. What is your favorite flower? I have a stamp on order that I hope looks as good as these. How about a flower challenge for today? I know it's not Friday but if you have time this week please share what you make with your favorite flowers. Enjoy your Monday!



Danni said...

Love your card below and your bike is too cute!
My fav flower huh? Hmmm, I really like carnations but there are so many others I like too. Too hard to choose just one! LOL!

Kristin Edwards said...

Howdy Ami! I love tiger lillies too!! I planted some in my landscaping as soon as we moved in our 2 years later and boy do those little guys multiply! LOL They're coming back 10 fold. But I welcome them. :)