Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Guess what? LOL. Another Lilly. I'm betting you all realize they are truly my favorite flower. I just love that they grow wild and have big blooms. I keep finding these great pots of them when I go to Walmart and so I always stop and take a photo. We bought a new (to us) house 2 years ago and so we haven't done much in the yard except plant my tiger lillies. Sappy story time.......one year when my DH and I were dating it was my birthday and he told me to get my old work boots on and wear jeans. I'm thinking oh boy what is up with this? We went out to the country by some old tracks and dug up some tiger lillys and took them home and planted them and they have now been transplanted to 3 houses. Still growing strong and fabulous. I think I'm a sucker for wildflowers or weeds as my DH calls them :)

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