Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Travels

In case you have not seen Gina K has some new stamps called Kindred Spirits. They are really nice and I love the stories that go along with each of them. If you order any I'd sure love to see what you make with them. I sort of like the Supermoms :);jsessionid=8CF8D8DDEFCDB829C822D449ED465C78.qscstrfrnt01?categoryId=16

These new stamps are available digitally. I have not tried that yet but I know Deb has. I really like these stamps a lot especially Jane. Have you tried digital downloads and colored them? What is your preference for coloring them? I think Hailey should be renamed Bere? Whatcha think. Love you Bere. Now send me some cake! Hahahhahahahah.

I have not ordered from this company yet but I think I'm in love with this new set. It's going on my want list which gets bigger each day. Has anyone ordered from them? How fast is shipping?

Last but not least my fav's from Korin! OLIVIA is here.

However I am sharing some exciting news from Katie Skiff. She told me that Olivia will be in her June 1st Monthly Stamp kit! I cannot wait to see what she puts together for this.

I'd really like to see what new stamps you have found online this week in your travels.


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Susan said...

Love all these sites I've visited and I think you're right about Bere and Hailey! I've ordered from Pink Petticoat and they print and color great! I didn't have any problems with coloring with my Prismacolor pencils and OMS. Was really satisfied. Let us know if you order from them. Great stamps though. Glad you're back! I really missed you!