Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

A couple weeks ago my husband sent me a funny picture that I called the Turkey Train and it was taken by one of his model railroader groups. A few days ago my husband and my son were running errands and "happened" to go through the rail yard here locally.....( I say happened because it never happens unintentionally LOL) and actually saw some LOCAL New Haven turkeys running down the track. They thought it was pretty funny and took some photos. We figure they were picking up pieces of corn and grain that fall off the railroad cars as they pull into the rail yard. I guess if you want fresh turkey you know where to look now! Just go to your local rail road tracks. Dumb turkeys! We are going to visit my sister and her family today, I hope whatever your Thanksgiving plans are you have a wonderful day. ENJOY!


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the whimsical butterfly said...

Too funny! Sometimes it's those pictures that we just have to post even moreso than a card, you know? Hope you had a nice day!