Friday, May 22, 2009

Rub A Dub Dub 052209

Three freaks in my tub! Hmmmmm cat hair in my tub makes sense now. What the heck were they doing????


Dee said...

LMBO!!!!! This is soooooo cute! I love cats, I have two myself and I always find mine in the tub to and have the same thoughts hehehehe. SOOOOO FUNNY!!! My Crazy cats LIKE water - go figure!

Lindsay said...

lol my cat is terrified of the tub! probably cuz i gave her a bath not long ago lol, but i had 2 cats growing up and one loved going in the tub and licking the water around the drain lol go figure lol turns out later in her life she got very sick and would only drink the little puddles near the drains. the vet said that cats like moving water not stagnant water so if we left the faucet dripping or running very very slow she would drink the little puddle at the bottome lol she soooo did i dont know why but she did.