Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

So who do you want to win the Superbowl? I can't wait to see ARIZONA take down the Steelers. LOLLLLLLLLL. I'm sure someone will kill me over that one but I'm always for the underdog. Well actually I just like the commercials :) Tomorrow I want to hear your favorite one. Enjoy!


Angela said...

I dont even care about the commercials and rarely pay attention to them, lol! I'm an oddball. Wont even watch halftime. I just want to watch the game! And I want Arizona to win!

Lindsay said...

lol...i only watch it for the comercials too...but my fam is big HUGE steelers fans! lol however you have to admit that was a nailbiter at the end i mean the cardinals are a lucky team and i dont mean that in a bad way they catch those breaks when the other team isnt expecting and get in some awesome plays, thats what i mean by lucky, and steelers well steelers have had a great season, but that was the most insane last 2 minutes I have even seen!!!!! and that 100 yard touchdown (ok maybe 90 something) that made superbowl history by breaking records was pretty amazing as well! and the very last touchdown wow i mean we thought it was out until they started showing it from every angle and in slow motion it was amazing! but seriously i mean i lik eteh steelers but i think they are both the top of the league and either who would have won deserved it