Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Madness

Well what was your favorite commercial? What did you think was the stupidest? I think the was really "cheesy" and I can't believe they wasted that much money. I loved all the Budweiser horse commercials especially the one where the horse followed Daisy to the circus. I cracked up. My all time favorites were the Monster and commercials as well as the one with Mrs. Potato Head when she whipped out the "angry eyes"....I totally cracked up. Ok for the game - wasn't it great? Yes I wished that Arizona would have won but they sure played a good game. I was SO NOT impressed with all the fighting on both sides and I think they should have had more personal fouls called or bigger penalties if that's possible.
Well onto my card. I was involved in an Asian swap on the Diva group and I sure do hope my partner likes her card! I used an olive green carstock and layered an asian mulberry paper and then added a couple layers of cardstock. I stamped the asian images using Versamark on the olive cardstock. The main image is an ivory or cream colored cardstock and stamped with Brilliance Ink and finally colored with Copics :) I found the process of this card very relaxing and I enjoyed the colors of it. Not so sure I'm liking the "layout" and the next time I'd make some changes but for once I let it go and just enjoyed what I made the first time around. LOL.
My son has his first home wrestling meet tonight so I'll be gone this entire evening and (gasp) I still need to study more for my Medical Terminology test tomorrow. I'm telling you my Med Term and Anatomy and Physiology classes are kicking my butt :) All I do anymore is study. LOL. Ok I'm really enjoying it so I'll quit whining now! I promise. Hope you have a great Monday and a good week!


Marcia said...

Beautiful card!

Angela said...

Great card! Can you believe I did not watch even ONE of the commercials? Nor did I watch halftime. I really was watching for the game, lol! :) Hope Brad's meet went well!