Saturday, March 29, 2008


I got a phone call from my 16 year old nephew yesterday afternoon. It was around 2pm and I'll tell you it was one of those calls you don't ever want to get. I could hear my sister crying and my nephew Dustin telling me his twin brother Dillon was in an accident and being life flighted to a hospital in the town where I live. My sister and her family live in a smaller farming community about an hour and a half south of me and we have a level one trauma hospital here. I left work without remembering it and drove the hospital trying to make calls to find out what we were in for. All we knew was he'd been involved in an accident and that was about it. My sister finally made it to the place where the helicopter was and saw him for about 2 seconds and that was it. She and her husband had to make the long drive to the hospital here in Fort Wayne. When I got to the hospital I told them I was his Aunt and that my sister was about an hour away and they told me I had to wait for the Chaplin. Let me tell you my knees buckled. But when he came out (FOREVER LATER) he said he was awake and semi alert so I could go back. Let me tell you that was the best thing ever to see him and talk to him. He had tons of glass all over his head, blood all over his face but he was talking. He's still in ICU today recovering but he's one thankful kid. He has a lacerated liver, concussion and soft tissue issues in his neck but at this point he's doing fine. He still has no memory of the crash and can't understand why he had it but he and his passenger are expected to make full recoveries. We are waiting on the results of his MRI today to check neuro stuff but he's expected to be ok. I tell you it may not have been my child but I couldn't have stood it for my sister either. It's been a long weekend already! Dillon is a true joy to have in our family and I'm so grateful to God for protecting him and Ben. If you see the car you can't imagine how anyone got out let alone after being pinned for 40 minutes and then be as well off as he is today.


Susan said...

Ami, I'm praying for your nephew for a speedy recovery, your sister for comfort and for you for being able to be there for your sister and nephew. May God's gracious and loving protective nature be praised. Love, Susan

Angela said...

WOW! I am glad he is doing as well as he is after seeing those pics!

Danni said...

Oh my! My thoughts and prayers are with your nephew for a speedy recovery as well.