Friday, October 24, 2008

Z Fold Card

If you have a ScorPal then chances are you know how simple this card is to make but even if you just have your Friskers cutter/scoring blade, this one is very simple yet makes a nice card. I joined a "mingle" where a bunch of us sign up to make a paticular card and then we get matched up to send it. I like to send mine overseas because it's always fun to make a new friend someplace I've never been. Usually I get someone in Australia don't know why but I just do. This time I got England so that was cool. Anyway here is my very cut at the Z fold card. Enjoy!


Danni said...

Fun card! I think I tried one of these along time ago, might have to try one again!

Susan said...

What a beautiful card. I need to try one of those Z card. Just haven't taken the time. Love the colors and the ribbon is beautiful.