Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Madness

Welcome to my new blog, I hope you like it! Today will begin a new schedule for the blog and since Monday is such a crazy day for me, I thought it only appropriate to make it my "anything goes day". Mondays will vary and can be a card posted, something funny, a tutorial or anything else I find that I like. LOL :) In honor of that I'm going to post a paint chip card that I made for a challenge. Wow that was a "toughie"........I could not think of a thing to do with paint chips for awhile and then I finally decided to punch them! I love my circles and so the best thing was for me to dig them out and make flowers. It's a very simple card but it was so fun to make. I have some extra chips and I have them laying on my desk to see how else they can inspire me. Have a wonderful start to your week!


Danni said...

I just smile when I come to your new blog!!
Great card!

Kimmie0270 said...

Love all that embossing. And Danni's right - your blog is just such a happy place!

Melinda said...

cool card! Who would have thought to emboss the flower centers like that? Nice touch!