Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall Sunflower

Sunday is usually a pretty low-key day for our family. It normally involves some cleaning, working in the garage (which is never ending......) and today since my (*DF*DF&^) back hurts I stayed in my office and worked on straightening up a bit. It's still seems such a mess but I promise it's better than it was and like Nicey says on Clean have to start somewhere. And wow my room has never looked like those people. It's comical to watch.

This card was based off a card I made during a SU punch class at my friend Nancy's. This is my "redone" version of it. I keep all the cards I make during her classes for my patterns and then sometimes recreate them at home. This one is super easy if you have the oval shaped punches from SU. I LOVE SU PUNCHES. Have a great Sunday.


Danni said...

Very cute!! I have two SU punches coming my way soon! LOL!

Debby said...

Cute card. I too love those punches.