Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm back! 040609

Welcome back from Florida - we have snow/rain mixes here today. I can't really say the weather was all the great in Florida either though. Lots of rain in the morning and haze/fog throughout the day. No one got any sunburns! I have to show you my favorite picture. Yep it's my favorite one from all the shots I took. We were at a place called Silver Springs in Ocala. My dad used to take us there as kids and I took my husband there two years ago when he and I visited Florida. This year we took the kids as well and it was a very nice break from Universal and all the lines. If you ever get a chance to visit, don't pass it up. It's a wonderful place to learn about alligators and ride the glass bottom boats and see how the spring originates. My family was searching for alligators but what we didn't know was as soon as we got down the bridge there were a ton of them waiting to be fed. We bought the food (1.00 a bag) and fed them. They don't stress out too much there I'll tell ya LOL. The food is a mixture of chicken, vegetables and vitamins seriously looks like poop. Doesn't smell so good either but they sure love it. We had a really good day there. *** I'll be posting tomorrow for Template Tuesday so stay tuned!


Danni said...

Welcome back!! Missed ya!

Angela said...

Glad you had fun and that you are back! Thanks for getting my shoes!! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Kimmie0270 said...

I have to tell you "I'm Back" as the title and this picture made me smile. Glad you had a nice trip!